M.P. Renukacharya

Bharatiya Janata Party, Karnataka

ಎಮ್ ಪಿ ರೇಣುಕಾಚಾರ್ಯ

ಭಾರತೀಯ ಜನತಾ ಪಾರ್ಟಿ, ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ


The portrayal of a young leader born fighter MP Renukacharya

Born on 28-02-1961 as the son of Sri M. Panchaksharaya, Smt. Kamalamma at Kundur village, Davanagere district, Honnali Taluk. Primary Education in Kundur Village Government Higher Primary School Government High School at Kundur and Kollambi High School Education. Pre-graduate and graduate education in Shimoga.

In student life, Swaraj Kundur became public issues and started fighting through the Kannada Association.During the early days of the study at Sahyadri College in Shimoga, participated in the massive peasant movement at badravathi taluk Nagasamudra ( the history of the Golibar on the farmer's )

Jayaprakash Narayan's movement, known as the BJP movement in 1980, was involved in the movement and started the political life of the then Janata Party.During the early days of college, he participated in the activities of the All India Student Council. He was constantly concerned about the ill effects of the public.

The first time the Taluk BJP Yuva Morcha chaired the Karma Bhoomi Honnali as the foundation stone for its organizational power. Participating in different activities of the party, he made a constant tour of every village in the taluk and fought step by step in trying to create awareness moods in the people. As a result, taluk has been continually studying the talks of the taluk as the BJP president and echoed the farmers issues in favor of the farmers. Along with farmers in the horticultural agricultural market struggled against continuous injustice and stayed in the market premises for three consecutive months and managed to repair injustice in the purchase of farmers maize.

Millions of activists walked with the farmers to the capital city of Bangalore, creating a movement against the government for the development of the Savalanga Kayaka lake in Taluk. Step by step, has been district BJP vice-president of the district level and has also fought several issues in the talks with the state level BJP leaders. The people were aware of the misconduct of the governments that governed those days, and in the Taluk, many protests against the misconduct of the governments were able to provide justice to poor people.

In 1990, under the leadership of BJP national leader Shri Lal Krishna Advani participated in the rath yatra movement across the district during a rally on the Ram Janmabhoomi construction across the country. Since 1997, Honnali Taluk has been touring every village and conducting ten major struggles in the continuous communications and party organization of the workers.

Protest at several taluks in Taluk talks about problems such as BPL card bagar hukum shelter home facility for not having proper water supply to the tungsten banks for the poor Dalit farmers in the taluk. In 2003, the police arrested in strike organiged by BJP party for BPL card issues & problems of the people and imprisoned in Belgaum.

MP Renukacharya was arrested and sent to Bellary jail in prior of a major Hindu socio festival in 2004. Fifteen sixteen police cases were recorded in the court until the 2004 many movement days.

In 2004, M P Renukacharya contested as the BJP candidate from the Honnali Assembly constituency for the first time in the assembly elections in support of the people's from the people's struggles in the taluk. A complete study of the problems of each and every villages in the constituency aimed at development in the taluk and implemented many schemes.

Yeddyurappa was the Deputy Chief Minister & Finance minister in the BJP-JDS coalition government in 2007. During that period M P Renukacharya was the chairman of the keonix corporation for the first time and Hutti Gold Chairman presided over the efforts of the modern golden workers of the gold mining company to increase the profit margins.

The first attempt was to win the election and elected as the new legislator. He was elected as legislator for the second time in 2008 and won an unprecedented victory.

Yeddyurappa became Chief Minister in 2008, Cabinet rank of cabinet minister M P Renukacharya in the Cabinet and worked hard to eliminate many obstacles in the department of Excise and generate the highest revenue for the government's treasury.

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